Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses

With great fame comes great responsibility. Celeb after celeb, no matter how hot and famous they are, have had major wardrobe malfunctions. From America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock to rap queen Nicky Minaj, these celebrities dressed up and somehow ended up looking like a mattress. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself!


Lady Gaga



Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah! Mother Monster, this outfit is wild. And, sorry honey, but way off point. So much so that you resemble this mattress.


The Queen



We are so sorry, Your Majesty, but you and your guard have also made the list. Though, we do have to say that light blue is your color.


Lindsay Lohan



We have two words for you, Lindsay: oh no. We didn’t even need to see your face to know that this was you. Girl, we’ve all been there. Just shake it off.





The queen! Rihanna is always on point with her looks. But this one is just…strange. Love you, Rih-Rih, but you’re looking way too much like this sad little mattress.