Comedian Recreates Celeb Photos

Celebrities make their lives look perfect on Instagram. A day in the life usually consists of hanging out on huge yachts and jet-setting to exotic locations. And truth is that our stars post over-the-top photos that look absolutely ridiculous in real life. And one comedian, Celeste Barber, points out the ridiculousness by recreating celeb photos in the most hilarious way. Enjoy!





The Kardashians are known for their Amazonian physiques and curvy, full figures. They aren’t afraid to show off their assets and neither is Celeste! 


Sisterly Embrace



Like a lot of families, the Kardashians are a tightknit clan. But this picture is just…dramatic. Thank you, Celeste, for pointing it out!


So Graceful


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Lady Gaga has some serious SUP yoga skill! At least Celeste gave it her best shot.


Bendable Barbie


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How Gigi Hadid can make a complicated gymnastic move look super casual is crazy. But we personally think Celeste and her husband’s pic is way better.