Community of Writers


Jessica Kim

My name is Jessica (Jess), and I am originally from New York City. I am most passionate about art and design, and I’m constantly searching the web for inspiration both personally and professionally to share with all of you. In my spare time, I love to keep up with the New York Times bestseller list, take my pug Oliver on big-city adventures, and binge on episodes of Game of Thrones.

Bradley Smith

I am writer and blogger currently based in London, but Manchester will always be my first and true home. I’m an avid Manchester United fan, currently obsessed with the latest digital trends,  and I love writing and talking about international politics. When I’m not based in London, I can often be found traveling the world or working on perfecting my own cooking skills (sometimes both at the same time). I also have big aspirations of one day appearing on (and winning) The Amazing Race.

Jordan Gold

Many like to call me a *true* California native (and most likely the biggest avocado fan you’ll ever know). I was born and raised in San Francisco, and I am currently in the midst of a cross-country road trip traveling through all different parts of the US. Sharing new experiences with readers and inspiring others has always been a hobby of mine, and I love taking new suggestions for what to write about next!

Mason Craig

A self-described ‘coffee-addict’, I like to consider myself as an old soul in a millennial’s body. I studied world history and geography, but I truly enjoy all types of writing from song lyrics to Op-Ed features. My goal is to one day visit every continent at least once, and to bring my new puppy Scout with me along the way.

Brittney Anderson

Hey all! I’m Brittney (or Britty as her friends call me), and I grew up in Los Angeles. As of very recently, I now enjoy calling Chicago home. I’m a fitness nerd and recently got into the crossfit craze, but now my new favorite workout is going for long runs along Lake Shore Drive. I also have an identical twin sister, and yes, we would occasionally switch places growing up!