Couple Goals: Matching Your Outfits

Being in a long-term relationship can be a magical thing. After all, the longer you are with your partner, the more you get to know them and their personalities. You also get to know a lot about your partner when you live with them. Sharing a space with someone teaches you a number of things. This includes their sleeping pattern, their daily routine, and even how they like their coffee in the morning. With that said, many couples actually adopt certain mannerisms from each other. So much so that you will notice that you tend to say things the way your partner would and you will even notice that you adopt similar fashion mannerisms from each other.

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That’s right, even fashion mannerisms. Now we know that you have your own sense of fashion. But once you have been with someone for a long period of time, you tend to add some of their fashion sense to your own. This is where matching comes in. Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about the kind of matching as twins do. We are talking about a more adult version of it. You see, matching with your partner doesn’t mean that you have to look the exact same. Instead, it means that you guys would wear things that are similar. This can be done in a number of different ways.

The first and easiest way you can do this is by wearing the same colors. It is very easy to wear the same colors because colors don’t really have a specific fashion sense. Now, this doesn’t mean that you and your partner need to go off and wear the same t-shirts if you don’t want to. Instead, your top could match your partner’s bottoms and vice versa. You can even take things up a notch and go as far as to coordinate your outfits. This means that certain items of your outfit will match certain items of your partners.