Cute Baby Animals

Everyone knows that the minute you make something small, it instantly becomes cute. Even inanimate objects like baby clothes, or miniature figurines. But what about babies, or better yet, baby animals. These little balls of fur are even cuter than their adult counterparts, and thanks to some brilliant photography, we are all able to marvel and ‘oo’ and ‘aah’ from the comfort of our own home.

lion cub

Getty Images / Mint Images RF / Londolozi Images


Kittens and puppies are extremely cute, but what about a baby lion, who suddenly seems harmless, or a baby tiger that essentially just looks like your pet cat? The amount of cute baby animal pictures that are out there is simply overwhelming. So we decided to do the hard work for you, and after slaving away, scrolling through mountains of pictures of cute baby animals, here are a few you might like.

Baby Hedgehog

Getty Images / Moment / Majd Forrest


Here’s a lil baby hedgehog just sleeping and minding his own business. A baby hedgehog, called a hoglet or piglet, will weigh less than 25 g at birth. He’ll stay in the nest with his mother and the rest of the hoglets for about 4-6 weeks, when he will start to become independent and follow his mother outside the nest. Seals on the other hand, will have only one pup a year. They usually stay on land for around a month, until their waterproof fur grows in. They must then learn to eat and catch fish on their own, as their mother doesn’t teach them the tricks.

Baby Arctic Seal

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Keren Su


“Now what about larger animals?” you might be asking. Well, their babies are even cuter! Baby giraffes are born with their eyes open, and their ossicones (their little horns) are folded flat against their head. They very much look like miniature adults, only wide-eyed and cuter. Elephants weigh on average between 4000 – 6000 kg depending on the species, so it comes as no surprise that their babies are born at around 90 kg. After 23 long months of pregnancy, around 99% of baby elephants are born at night. The elephants in the herd will start trumpeting, celebrating this new arrival. Can you blame them? Just look how cute they are.