Cute Baby Animals

Everyone knows that the minute you make something small, it instantly becomes cute. Even inanimate objects like baby clothes, or miniature figurines. But what about babies, or better yet, baby animals. These little balls of fur are even cuter than their adult counterparts, and thanks to some brilliant photography, we are all able to marvel and ‘oo’ and ‘aah’ from the comfort of our own home.

Getty Images / Mint Images RF / Londolozi Images

Kittens and puppies are extremely cute, but what about a baby lion, who suddenly seems harmless, or a baby tiger that essentially just looks like your pet cat? The amount of cute baby animal pictures that are out there is simply overwhelming. So we decided to do the hard work for you, and after slaving away, scrolling through mountains of pictures of cute baby animals, here are a few you might like.

Getty Images / Moment / Majd Forrest