Cute Things Cats Do

Cats are the cutest animals, and they do so many adorable things that make us go ‘awwww.’ If you’re lucky enough to have your own cat or live with a roommate who does, you’ve probably seen some of these adorable cat behaviors. Here are a few examples.

It’s tempting to lift your cat off your lap when they climb into your lap and begin kneading you with their paws – those claws are dangerous and can be painful! However, this is a form of attachment; kittens knead their mothers for milk in this manner. Give your cat a scratch and tell them you love them the next time your cat starts kneading your leg – it’s just one of the cute things cats do!

Cats enjoy hiding, and if you leave a bag or box lying around, or even an open drawer, they’ll get inside and snuggle up. Even small areas, such as vases, entice cats, who never seem to get stuck! Imagine opening your drawer to find your cat all snuggled up in there. That can be a terrifying experience. But, this is something to consider when you lose track of your cat.

In your home, you may have seen your cat rubbing up against your furniture, such as sofas and tables. If your cat rubs up on your legs or face, it’s a sign that they’ve claimed you. Isn’t that just the cutest thing? Scent glands can be found in cats’ cheekbones, foreheads, chins, and the base of their tails. Rubbing up against you is a loving action that strengthens the bond between you and your cat.