Date Nights From Outside The Window

Shona Moeller who is now 29 weeks pregnant has not had the easiest or smoothest experience, to say the least. She has been put to a serious test, together with her incredible husband Bob Conlin. Thankfully, these two inspiring people have been doing an amazing job of dealing with everything going on, and are staying together as a team as much as possible right now.  Shona has spent the past few weeks at a hospital near Chicago waiting for her son to be born who is at high risk for medical complications. Due to the new restrictions, lockdowns, and social distancing rules, her husband, Bob is not allowed to come to visit her during this time.

Nonetheless, Bob has gone above and beyond to show his love and support to his wife, even if he can’t physically be by her side right now.  How so? Well, this trophy husband has found a seriously creative and romantic way to still spend time with his wife by organizing date nights right outside her hospital bed window.  While it’s still 40 feet below, it’s better than nothing, right?  When the loving couple first discovered that Shona would have to enter the hospital for an extended period of time and that Bob wouldn’t be able to visit – they were completely heartbroken, also terrified at the thought of Shona going through this alone.  They tried to shift their focus however on their baby, and making sure he stays healthy. 

The couple at first would communicate with one another through Zoom and FaceTime, but as you could have assumed – it simply wasn’t enough, which is when Bob started to bring date night back, this time around, from a slight distance, holding up cute and encouraging signs for her and setting up a romantic dinner table. The nurses at the hospital have also been providing Shona with incredible support through this tough time – but at the end of the day, what Bob has been doing is truly incomparable! In fact, Shona and Bob are actually both relationship coaches – providing a perfect example to their clients of how it’s done. Practice what you preach!