Delicious & Nutritious Lunch Ideas

By Leora Reinberg - September 5, 2019

Whether you’re heading back to school or work, these lunch ideas are yummy, nourishing, and Insta-worthy to boot. Taking only minutes to prepare, you can whip these colorful dishes up the night before, or meal-prep at the beginning of the week (but that’s a whole other topic). Try them out for yourself, or your family — you can thank us later!


Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad



Add an exotic flair to your regular packed lunch with this gorgeous chopped salad. The jewel-toned colors and delightful mix of spices make for the perfect pop of flavor in each bite.

Whole Wheat Fajita Quesadillas



Oh boy. This one has gotta be our favorite. Not only are these soft tacos full of stringy cheese (drool city!) but they also happen to be jam-packed with nutrients, thanks to the addition of ingredients like black beans, chicken, cilantro, and salsa.

Classic Tomato Soup



Who can say no to a steaming, hearty bowl of fresh tomato soup? Whether you crush the tomatoes yourself or buy them canned, this is a quick and healthy option that can be blended to perfection in seconds. Serve alone, or with a couple of thick slices of bread, perfect for mopping up those last drops. Can’t let any of that tomatoey goodness go to waste, now can we?


10 Minute Veggie Fried Rice



If you think this last one seems too easy to be true — you’re absolutely right. A simple fry up of some cooked rice with protein-filled scrambled eggs and your favorite chopped green veggies (scallions and peas are our go-to), this is a super-fast lunch option that’s as tasty as it is easy to make.