Different Types of Ramen Noodles

Whether you are young or old, everyone eats ramen noodles. Yes, ramen noodles aren’t only for struggling college students living on a budget. They are in fact considered to be whole meals in many Korean cultures and countries. With that said, we aren’t here to only talk about the two-minute ramen noodles that you can get at the dollar store. There are way more different types of ramen noodles available to you. So much so that you can actually find ramen noodles being a popular menu item at some restaurants. Ready to talk about all things ramen noodles? Continue reading.

Getty Images / Westend61

The first type of ramen noodles we have to talk about would be fire noodles. Not only are these noodles incredibly popular but they are also really delicious. Korean fire noodles first made an appearance in early 2016. The fire noodles were first used as a challenge by YouTubers to test their spice tolerance. Once people got hold of these videos they instantly wanted to try them. You see the fire noodles were seen as the strongest instant ramen noodles available. Hence everyone wanted to try them and this is why you can variations of the fire noodles in your local supermarket.

Now if you aren’t looking to test your spice tolerance, you might simply be looking to enjoy a good hearty bowl of ramen and you can. The best thing about ramen noodles is that you don’t even have to leave your home to make a good bowl. All you will need is good quality noodles, a few eggs, ingredients for a tasty broth, and maybe a few extras. You see you don’t need to go all out when it comes to ramen but you can if you want to. There are many people who dress their ramen up with pork belly, beef, and even chicken. You can really explore your creativity when it comes to ramen.