Dissolvable Ramen Noodle Packaging

While every college student of course knows the importance of cheap, fast and easy instant ramen noodles, not everyone is quite aware of the dangers of plastic waste. Well, Holly Grounds, a highly eco-conscious college student at least clearly was, which is why she decided to come up with a seriously ingenious solution to this problem, or at least, when it comes to ramen noodle packages. Grounds, who studied product design at the Ravensbourne University in London, has actually come up with an edible, dissolvable packaging for instant ramen noodles, making it clear that she actually paid attention in class. 

Holly explained that once she gained a deeper understanding of the negative consequences of long-lasting plastic, she knew that she had to do something about it, and that her education in product design could help her get there. She also explained how there’s often more plastic than actually noodles when it comes to commercial instant ramen noodle packages.  According to Holly, it takes less than ten minutes to both prepare and eat these noodles, while the packaging can take as much as 80 years to break down and decompose. 

After hours upon hours of testing out different methods, Holly Grounds actually managed to find a way to get rid of the wastage from both the ramen package as well as the spice packet by adding seasoning into the biofilm packaging.  The biofilm is apparently thick enough to prevent the noodles from drying up and getting stale, while still able to melt into the ramen soup when mixed with boiling hot water, and she reportedly only needs a few natural ingredients to make the biofilm. Well done Holly! We definitely need more people like you in this world. And not only is her packaging better for the environment, but it’s even faster to prepare since there’s no tearing involved. College students, instant ramen noodles just got all that much better!