DIY Decorative Items

Bottles, cans and newspapers are just some of the everyday waste items found in our homes that are generally harmful to the environment. How about turning on the wheels of creativity and making these items turn your living space a little livelier?

Firstly, your glass bottles. Repurpose bottles of all kinds – soft drinks, liquor, and even oil cans — into a utility or even a piece of home décor. For example, turn wine bottles into flower vases or soap dispensers. There are other options; try painting the empty glass oil bottles and use them as a cluster of hanging pendant lights. A light and wire are all that’s needed to get started. Remove the bottle’s base and drill a hole in the top to allow the wire to pass through, and you’ve got yourself a pendant lamp.

Do you have old cutlery that isn’t in complete pairs anymore? Try making them into an art sculpture for display on your walls. How? Install them on the wall by screwing them in place, and if your Chinaware is pure white, you might paint it with old nail polish that you no longer use to give it an abstract new color that’ll shine like a new penny. Have fun with your used mason jars by turning them into candle holders or pencil holders. These jars come with a screw top and sturdy, transparent glass. A common approach is to group the string lights into the jar and light them up. This lighting will turn your space into a real-life Disney set. Another option is to paint the outside of the jars with a blank heart or circle shape. Allow light to shine through the blank shape by placing a small candle inside the jar. Turning these jars into hanging pendant lamps is a slightly more time-consuming project. You may make a pendant light out of mason jars like you made a pendant light out of wine bottles.