Do Dogs Dream?

Did you know that dogs can dream just like we do? If you have dogs you have probably noticed them barking or moving while sleeping, so you probably already guessed that they can dream. And it’s scientifically proved: using electroencephalogram devices, scientists have observed similar sleep patterns in canine and human brains – which means they also get REM sleep.


How do dog dreams work?


English bulldog sleeping on couch with little crocheted pillow under her head.

Getty Images / Moment / Hanneke Vollbehr


Just like ours, the sleep cycle of a dog includes REM sleep. This means that dogs enter a deep sleep stage when their breathing becomes irregular and they have rapid eye movements – and it is during this sleep stage that they dream. They might move their legs or bark, just like some humans talk in their sleep.


Do all dogs dream the same?


A tired Weimaraner puppy sleeps on a soft bed indoors

Getty Images / Moment / Purple Collar Pet Photography


The frequency of dreams depends on a few factors. It is known that smaller dogs dream more than bigger ones, which means your Chihuahua can have a dream once every ten minutes while your Labrador might have one every ninety minutes. Besides, puppies seem to dream a lot more often than older dogs.


What do they dream about?


Golden retriever puppy sleeping on a green couch

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Just like humans dream about elements of our day-to-day life, dogs also dream about their routines. This means they dream they are chasing things, jumping around, and eating tasty food. In fact, since they spend a big part of their lives playing with their owners, it is possible that they dream about them as well.