Dogs Who Think They Are Puppies

Seeing our adorable little puppies grow up from little babies into big grown ups is one of the most satisfying and exciting parts of having a dog. The only thing is that in many cases, the dogs themselves either don’t realize this transition, or are just not willing to accept it.


In the toddler’s seat



Umm, sorry buddy, but you’re all grown up. The toddler’s seat is no longer for you!



Lying in the big chair….



You’re too old for the big chair! It’s not even the big chair anymore, it’s pretty much the size of you!



Move over humans…



This guy hasn’t gotten the message clearly. He’s no longer a puppy and can no longer fit on the couch with his humans for cuddles.



Back in the day they both fit….



And well, today, clearly not even one of them fits.



The 120 pound puppy….



Last time we checked, there was no such thing as a 120 pound puppy….