Donating Feminine Hygiene Products to Homeless Women

Nadya Okamoto is an 18 year old complete inspiration. She has founded Camions of Care, a non-profit organization with the goal of ensuring that homeless women who cannot afford feminine hygiene products will not go without.
Okamoto, who grew up in New York City, experienced being homeless herself during her high school years.  Her mother lost her job and the family was always moving around.  Okamoto realized during this time that feminine hygiene products are a necessity for health, which is why in 2014 she founded Camions of Care.
She talked to homeless women about their daily struggles and realized that even homeless shelters do not usually provide such products and that it is considered to be an off limits topic.
She is now studying at Harvard University and her organization has been brought into high schools and colleges throughout America.  According to Okamoto, her organization has helped more than 25,000 periods in 17 states.
She hopes that her organization will also make it’s way to third world countries, with periods being the number one reason that girls miss school.