Dorm-Room Meal Ideas

We all know how living in a dorm is a struggle itself. At times we are so overwhelmed by the whole situation that we tend to forget having meals. This article will help you plan dorm meals on a budget while ensuring the meals are always ready and you can just grab them and go. Not only this, dorm meals should be quick and budget friendly so this article hits all the right boxes.

A very quick breakfast idea may be toast and some jam. A good way to eat something is to get a loaf of bread for your room. This will not only help you during breakfasts but you could also use this as a late night snack; healthy and budget friendly. Not only this, you could also try making overnight soaked oats. This is a very healthy recipe yet you can alter multiple flavors and textures in this recipe. Soak your oats overnight in warm milk. Let them fully stay there for a night. In the morning, add in your favorite nuts for some crunch alongside some sweetener or a healthy alternative will be honey. You can also add chocolate chips.

Another healthy lunch and dinner option can be pasta. Just boil your pasta pre-hand. This will help you to ensure that you could just use this and create multiple recipes. For example, using boiled pasta is a good way to incorporate multiple sauces. You could just add in milk and cheese and heat in the microwave. There are many snack options as well which include making granola bars. These bars may be a little over the budget but can be extremely beneficial in terms of improving food habits and ensuring that you get all your required nutrients. It is important that you value your food habits at dorms.