Easter Bunny Photo Fails That’ll Crack You Up

There is nothing cuter than bringing your child to meet the Easter Bunny. Sometimes the photos capture a heartfelt moment in your child’s life, an innocent and warm memory to hold onto for years. And for others, it is a hilariously awful experience. These are some of those, what we like to call, Easter Bunny photo fails!


Get Over Here!



Well, this is just terrifying. This poor little girl just wants out of this situation, stat! We don’t blame her, that bunny is scarily happy.





It isn’t just us, right? That is one evil looking bunny! And this poor little girl is smiling all innocently, she has no idea. That bunny looks like he is up to no good.


Simply Terrifying



We have no doubt in our mind that this is that baby’s father. We just hope he learned for next Easter to ditch the creepy bunny costume.


Mad Man Mask



This bunny looks less like a bunny and more like a robber about to steal money from a bank. That kids face: priceless.