Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hacks

With many of these simple, homemade cleaning tricks and creative eco-friendly solutions, you can make your house shimmer and shine without causing environmental damage. Look through your cupboards first before spending money on that “improved” new cleaning product at the grocery store. Not only are many everyday home items excellent cleaners, but they are also environmentally friendly. Here is a collection of cleaning tips for those seeking to conserve time, money, and sanity.

It’s vital to remember that everything contains chemicals, including the water we drink and the air we breathe. However, when the terms “eco-friendly,” “green,” or “natural” are used in connection with cleaning, they typically refer to employing cleaning agents that have little to no artificial chemicals in them. For instance, it’s crucial to keep the garbage disposal clean and clog-free because it regularly does a lot of nasty labor. Use fresh lemon or lime to clean and deodorize garbage disposals. Quarter the citrus fruit, and while the water is running, drop each lemon quarter into the garbage disposal one at a time.

Vinegar is a popular green cleaning chemical that isn’t just used as a nice chip flavoring. Being an acetic acid, vinegar is also helpful for cleaning because it helps dissolve mineral buildup, remove grease, and deodorize. Baking soda sometimes referred to as bicarbonate of soda, is a typical eco-friendly cleaning component. Pure sodium bicarbonate, an acidic chemical molecule that is well recognized for fizzing when coupled with an alkaline substance like vinegar or lemon juice, is what it is. Additionally, essential oils reproduce the scent of plants and are used to fragrance or deodorize homemade cleaning products. Like citrus oil, they are also efficient at removing grease on stoves and oven hoods.

One last tip is to clean surfaces with old newspapers that you may have sitting around your house. Newspapers work better than paper towels to clean windows and mirrors because they don’t leave lint or debris behind. Some people enjoy combining store-bought and homemade items, but this should only be done with care. For instance, using vinegar and bleach to clean your bathroom might seem clever, but doing so will produce toxic chlorine gas. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions and always read the label.