Eid Recipes

Muslims celebrate Eid, the holy festival after the sacred month of Ramadan. Eid is a one-day celebration in which Muslims get together and rejoice, thus it is a sort of Muslim festival. The festival begins by starting the day with a sweet dessert. There are many traditional eid recipes for different areas. This article will talk about some of the most common sweet desserts in Muslim-dominated countries.

Vermicelli with dates

Getty Images / Moment / Veena Nair

Asia countries such as Pakistan and India widely eat this recipe on eid. It is a slow-cooked recipe made with dried dates. The dates are cooked separately to form a thick sauce which is then served with vermicelli. The vermicelli can be boiled and then cooked until they are soft. Add in milk and sugar to give them the perfect flavor. You can also add almonds and raisins for the extra kick to your dessert. It is then served on eid’s and is described as the eid dessert.