Embracing Your Failures

Whether one likes it or not, failures are a part of life. Without failure, there is no success. Some of the most successful people in the world swear that they have experienced more failures in life than successes. It is almost that failures are an inevitable part of the journey, without which success would not be possible. You know what that means? If you stop moving forward each time you experience failure, you will never actually experience success. It sounds harsh but it is the truth.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / David Trood

It is true that failure is never celebrated by society. It is not embraced, only success is. Failure is also painful and it makes you feel as though all your efforts have gone to waste. But the fact that you have experienced failure in fact means that you are going on the right path. So, how does one learn to embrace their failures? The first and foremost way is to be gentle towards yourself. Continue to acknowledge and celebrate yourself for all the hard work you have put towards getting where you are today. It has taken many sleepless nights and much effort- all of this has not gone to waste. In fact without these, you would not have gotten this far on your journey to success.

Secondly, not succeeding is your chance to re-evaluate where you are. See what worked for you to get where you are today and what was not so effective. Re-evaluate your game plan as a whole, along with your goals. Is it still the same thing you want? Or do you want to branch off in another direction? And remember, changing directions does not mean giving up. It simply means moving closer to where you are meant to be in life!