Extraordinary Children

Each and every child is different in their own way in both their personalities and looks.  These extraordinary children however completely amaze us with their unique and stunning appearances.



Nariyan is an albino girl, however she does everything that other children do. The only difference? She can’t stay in the sun for too long and needs to cover her eyes with sunglasses. 



Giuliano Stroe


Giuliano Store is a Romanian bodybuilder and athlete. He started training a 2 years old with his father, who dreamed of creating a child with superpowers.



Chahat Kumar


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Chahat Kumar from India  has a seriously impressive appetite. She already weighed over 17kg at the age of 8 months. Her parents believe that God is responsible for their daughter’s appetite.  Doctors are worried about her, but she is constantly asking for more.




Jare Ijalana


Jare is a 5 year old girl who got photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa more likes than he’s ever gotten before, with people referring to her as the most beautiful child in the world. 


Ava Clarke


It was clear that Ava Clarke was special from the moment she was born. Her eyes were blue-green and her lips were bright pink. Her skin was as white as paper, which was especially unusual since her parents had darker complexions and brown eyes.  She almost lost her sight since she is albino and has a genetic anomaly but she had an operation and now wears glasses.