Famous French Pastries That Will Make You Want To Book A Flight

Have you been working super hard to keep up your that diet resolution you made yourself on New Year’s? Well if so, we apologize in advance, because we’re about to make that promise a lot harder to keep. Because here are some famous French pastries that are bound to trigger your sweet tooth and your wanderlust at the same time.


The Classic Croissant

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The city of lights is famous for many things: romance, snails, the list just goes on and on. But one of its most famous exports is the buttery and delicious croissant – properly pronounced “kwa-son”.


Eclairs, Don’t Care

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This sweet dessert pastry comes in a variety of colors and fillings. The most popular version is probably the chocolate eclair, but you can also find coffee eclairs, vanilla eclairs, strawberry eclairs (with real fruit!), and lemon eclairs.


Can’t Get Better Than Cannelés

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These pastries were invented in a French region which is already famous for their fabulous wine: the town of Bordeaux. These soft little pastries are typically flavored with vanilla and a dash of rum.


You’re Macaron Me Crazy

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Arguably the most iconic French sweet treat, macarons are composed of two colorful almond cookies held together by a flavored ganache or jam. This pastry’s popularity is perhaps due not only to its taste but its attractiveness – AKA, they’re totally Instaworthy.