Fancy Picnic Ideas

Picnics have been around for decades and with good reason. A picnic makes for a great day especially if you have perfect weather. Now because picnics are so great it has evolved over time. This means that even though setting a blanket on the grass and having your basket of food is considered a picnic, there are ways that you can make it a bit fancier. That’s right, you can actually elevate your picnic experience to the point where it can become an event of the year. With that said there are a lot of contributing factors that make your picnic epic.

Getty Images / Moment / Photography by Bobi

Much like a dinner party, the first thing you need to think of when it comes to your picnic is the location. Now picnics are much better to have during summer as you will be able to have them in a number of different locations. This includes the beach, the park, or even the botanical gardens. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a picnic during winter. This might come as a surprise but you can actually have a picnic right in the comfort of your home and you’ll be snug and warm away from the cold. Once you have your location sorted you can move on to your decor.

The decor you decide to have is really what transforms an ordinary picnic into an extraordinary picnic. If you are having some trouble deciding on decor, simply think of a theme and take things from there. Your decor ideas should definitely include seating arrangements and centerpiece ideas. That’s right with a fancy picnic you even have centerpieces. Next and well lastly, you will need to think of your food. Food is truly the one thing everyone looks forward to at a picnic. Now when it comes to food you can really go wild but most people usually go with things that are cold and that can be eaten in one bite. If you are really looking to take your picnic to the next level you will be pleased to know that you can actually hire an event planner to do everything for you.