Fascinating ‘Weird History’ Tweets

While we can all remember taking history classes in school, we can’t always remember exactly what we learned – probably because our history textbooks weren’t actually all that interesting. Thankfully, a Twitter account called “Weird History” has decided to make up for everything we’ve forgotten by posting some historical facts of their own – and the results are truly fascinating.


Age Is Just A Number



Many people are afraid of aging, and it’s easy to understand why. Many things about us tend to change as we get older, including our looks and our health. However, this tortoise is clearly breaking all those stereotypes. At almost 120 years old, he is the picture of health and is apparently living his best life.


Real-Life Superheroes



We learned about many heroes in our history books, Usually, these heroes are brave men who fought in battles to defend their countries. However, it’s much rarer that we learn about amazing people like this Japanese consul, who quietly saved thousands of lives behind the scenes.


Musical Memories


Wow. We’re pretty sure this is the definition of an iconic moment. Pictured here is legendary Jazz figure Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet to his wife Lucille at the pyramids of Giza in 1961. The amount of important history and culture in this photo makes it truly priceless.