Foods St Louis Does Better

St Louis is primarily known for its baseball teams and its beer. But the famous Missouri city also happens to be a culinary mecca. If you’re feeling like a road trip, we encourage you to venture beyond the Gateway arch and discover a world of delicious eats for yourself. In the meantime, we’ve gathered just a couple of examples for your viewing pleasure.



Gooey Butter Cake


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With its crispy outer crust and gooey filling, you’d never guess this incredibly dense cake actually started out as a baking mistake. Pretty sure that was the yummiest mistake ever.



St Pauls Sandwich


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No one really knows how this Chinese-American fusion dish came to be, but all that matters is that it exists now, and for that, millions of St Louisans are thankful. Basically, it’s white bread stuffed with egg foo yung, mayo, and veggies, with some added duck or pork if you’re feeling like a real treat.



St Louis Style BBQ Ribs


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These flattened, fatty ribs are perfect for extra browning and absorbing lots of flavor.

Usually slow-cooked to perfection, they go perfectly with a side of baked beans or cornbread, and we’re already halfway to Missouri as we type.



St Louis Style Pizza


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We know what you’re thinking. It’s just pizza, what’s the big deal? But this crispy, extra cheesy take on the classic pie is anything but ordinary. Topped with a blend of provolone, cheddar, and swiss, this is St Louis answer to the classic NY slice. And we’re truly torn.