Fruits And Vegetables You Had No Idea Grew Like That

How many of us go food shopping? All of us. And how many of us actually know how eggplants and peanuts grow? The truth is that we’re lucky to simply wheel around our shopping cart and pick our fruits and veggies. And we should really take a minute to appreciate the farmers who do the hard part for us.





Quinoa is a protein-packed seed that has become a staple in our diet. But not many know that it is harvested from tall green plants.





Artichokes grow with large green leaves and thick stems topped with beautiful flower buds. Today the majority of artichokes grow in California.





Kiwi is mostly grown in California and New Zealand, though they are native to China.





This delicious young shoot of a vegetable is one of the first crops during the spring harvest. And they grow straight out of the ground looking like they do in the food store!