Fun Facts About Chocolate

Everyone likes chocolate, right? A bar of chocolate is always the perfect fix when you are feeling low or if you want to have something sweet after a meal. Chocolate is always the solution. And chocolate almost never disappoints! But there are lots of fun facts about chocolate that many people do not know.


Chocolate As Money

Dark chocolate bar dip in melted chocolate

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Chocolate was valued by people so much, they valued it more than money! It is like thinking of chocolate as gold. The Mayan civilization, which lived from about 250 CE until about 900 used cacao beans as currency. In fact, they considered them to be worth more than gold dust! The supply of cocoa beans was also limited by their governance system. This was done to ensure that the value of cocoa beans did not plummet.


Chocolate Bars Are A Relatively New Concept

Liquid chocolate crown splash with ripple

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Up until approximately 200 years back, people preferred chocolate in liquid form. They also preferred if it was not too sweet- the more bitter, the better! The British chocolate company Fry and Sons was the first to introduce the idea of chocolate bars, known as “eating chocolate”. These bars were produced by combining cocoa butter with sugar, milk, and chocolate liquor!


Chocolate Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Milk Chocolate Shavings

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Chocolate is good for your health! There are antibacterial agents in cocoa beans that tend to inhibit the growth of bacteria, which grow when there is tooth decay. Although it is important to note that chocolate with a low cocoa content doesn’t help prevent tooth decay. If this chocolate is high in sugar, it will actually cause tooth decay if you do not observe a proper dental hygiene routine.