Fun Facts About Rock Paper Scissors

On August 27th, we celebrate World Rock Paper Scissors Day. Also known as Rochambeau, this iconic game is played not only in America but in the entire world. In fact, rock paper scissors is believed to be the oldest hand game in history. Here are some more fun facts about this awesome game.


Rock paper scissors was invented during the Chinese Han dynasty.

Rock paper scissors

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We all knew the iconic hand game is quite old, but it turns out it’s a lot older than we expected. The first mention of rock paper scissors was in a book called Wuzazu, where writer Xie Zhaozhi claims the game dates back to the time of the Chinese Han dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE).


The game has been used to settle a court case.

Rock paper scissors

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Back in 2006, federal judge Gregory Presnell ordered opposing sides in a court case to resolve their dispute using a game of rock paper scissors. The case, known as Avista Management v. Wausau Underwriters, stated that if both parties could not agree on a solution to their argument, they should meet on the front steps of a courthouse and engage in one game of rock paper scissors. The winner of the game would be entitled to make the decision they were having trouble coming up with together.


There are several rock paper scissors tournaments around the world.

Rock paper scissors

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Professional Rock Paper Scissors Tournaments have been hosted by the World Rock Paper Scissors Society and the World Rock Paper Scissors Association since 2002. These events are attended by players from all over the world and have attracted international media attention. Besides, British company Wacky Nation has organized annual rock paper scissors events in the United Kingdom since 2007.