Funny Kids That Will Make You Chuckle

Kids are naturally hilarious. They don’t really try to be funny, of course, they just say the darndest things. There are images all over the internet of kids who just are too much to handle.


Future Lawyer



This mom posted her son’s note. She wrote, “I am a lawyer, my son told me he had to tell me something, but first wanted me to sign this.”


A Realist



This kid is definitely a realist. And also incredibly hilarious. If he had a 100 friends, he’d want to turn his ringer off.


Dragon Breeder



This teacher asked his students to list some of their life goals. And this kid certainly has things figured out!


Albert Is Going Places



Us too, Albert, us too. Seriously, this is the funniest thing we have read all day. Albert, keep reaching for your goals!