Funny Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Marriage

In some ways, social media can be divisive. However, in other ways, it can really bring us together as a society. This is certainly true when it comes to these hilarious tweets about marriage, which were posted on Twitter by some seriously funny spouses. Anyone who is married will definitely be able to relate to these classic scenarios.


Breaking News



This just perfectly sums up what married life is all about. The little everyday things like this suddenly become totally newsworthy, and you just have to share them with your significant other. That doesn’t mean they’ll find it as exciting as you do, but the important thing is that they came and looked.


Wise Advice



This is honestly some seriously sage advice which we’re definitely going to hang on to. This woman is clearly an expert on the topic, having been married for 55 years. Her advice for a good marriage might not sound super romantic, but hey, clearly it worked for her.


Good Cop, Bad Cop



Marriage is definitely a challenging phase of life. Having kids makes it all the more challenging. Luckily, this couple seems to have found a way to make it work for them. Playing good cop, bad cop is definitely one way to parent. This dad is clearly enjoying the situation, although we’re not so sure how mom feels.