Games That Make You Say ‘Aww’

Classic family board games move aside, it’s time to make room for these less well-known games. Card games are always fun, especially when they have their own special pack. The first one on the list today is ‘Sushi Go!’ Each card is decorated with cutely animated sushi pieces and throughout the game the cards swap hands and you have to try and collect the best combinations of dishes. Each set is worth a different amount of points, but be aware, some have hidden tricks up their sleeves too.

The next game is ‘Beasty Bar’. Each card represents a different animal, each of whom is equipped with special powers. Throughout the game, the animals are standing in line to get into the party, but due to the special powers, only some of them make it in at the end of the round. The player with the most animals inside the party wins.

Pandas are adorable, and pandas love to eat bamboo. In ‘Takenoko’, players compete by placing tiles to cultivate and irrigate the land. They need to help the gardener grow as much of each species of bamboo as possible. But there’s a hungry panda wandering around which makes things complicated. The player who keeps the panda full and grows the most bamboo wins.
‘Calico’ is also a game based on laying tiles. Players need to sew the coziest blanket using different colors and patterns. Each blanket has its own particular pattern that needs to be followed. Different pattern combinations will attract cats, and everyone wants as many cozy cats to cuddle on their blanket as there can be. A similar two-player game is ‘Patchwork’. In this game, each player has their own board. Using Tetris-style pieces of different values, the players construct their own patchwork quilt. Each point advanced is marked on the central board until one player wins.