Gavin The Little Chef Will Blow Your Mind

Gavin is a 9-year-old kid who loves to bake. He bakes cookies, cakes, and lots of other delicious treats and goodies. But Gavin isn’t just any old baker- he is really, really good at it! His natural talent for decorating is pretty clear, too. Just looking at some of his creations is a seriously mouthwatering experience.

For anyone who doubts that a child can have some serious baking skills, Gavin has made stunning baked good creations would prove them wrong. For example, his golden unicorn cake wowed everyone who got to see it. He also made some extra special Halloween treats, which were spooky and sweet and perfect for the holiday.

Getty Images/Aleksandr Zubkov/Moment

Gavin offers several baked goods on his Facebook business page Ain’t Caking Around. One of these sweets is called Cakeballs. This dessert “can be made in any flavor of cake with your choice of white or dark chocolate shells,” according to his Faccebook page. “Color options are vast making these great for parties or themes. Perfect for a bite-size snack, or a large event.” Gavin also offers cakes. “Delicious homemade cakes for any occasion. Gavin is learning new techniques with each project so we are happy to try to accommodate any request within his skillset,” the description reads.