Gavin The Little Chef Will Blow Your Mind

Gavin is a 9 year old kid who loves to bake. He bakes cookies, cakes, and lots of other delicious treats and goodies. But Gavin isn’t just any old baker- he is really, really good! His natural talent for decorating is pretty clear, too. Warning: you might just start drooling!


Meet Gavin



Gavin seriously has baking skill! Don’t believe us? Just look at this golden unicorn cake he made! It’s insanely gorgeous!


Gold Unicorn Cake



First of all, Gavin is adorable. Second of all, he needs to open up his own bakery when he grows up!


Trick Or Treat



Everyones favorite part about Halloween is the treats! Of course it is! And we so want to be Gavin’s neighbor so we can get our hands on these tasty treats.





Seriously, this is insane. No way did Gavin make this thing! How? How did he make this? Gavin seriously has talent!