Genius Solutions to Problems Nobody Knew About

Let’s face it; not everyone’s a genius. Some people can just tap into their inner MacGyver and think of the most deranged solutions to the world’s crucial and elusive problems. Others use their latent potential to make banana cases and other admittedly neat (yet pointless) things. Either way, this is us singing praise to the most creative engineers on the web.


This sticker shows you the exact ripeness of your avocados



Oh dear heavens, this just may be the most urgent invention of the 21st-century; the Gen-Z iteration of the Garden of Eden. It’s such a basic invention, too. We guess it really is like they say: True genius is deceptively simple. It also has a lot to do with avocados; that’s for sure.


This rotating bench is perfect for the days after rain.



So, how many of us have been in this exact situation: After a stormy few days, the weather finally starts to clear up. Perfect! A chance to catch a bit of sunlight and breathe some fresh park air. But when you get there, all the benches are completely soaked. So imagine just turning them over, and voila! Completely dry!


This wheelchair-compatible swing is definitely a step in the right direction.



Swingsets are some of the simplest joys in life. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that our handicapped friends have the option to join us in all of our frantic, frankly childish swingset undertakings. The people who designed this have definitely got their heads, and their hearts, in the right place.


This parking lot paints lines on the walls to help you line up your car.



Oh, boy, do some people need this. Couldn’t be us though; we’re the Aryton Senna of parallel parking, the real-life Fast and Furious Vin Diesel of maneuvering our vehicles in between two lines. Yet, we do recognize that some people aren’t as naturally parking savvy as us. This one’s for you guys.