Gordon Ramsay Stands Up For Aspiring Chef

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has taken a stance on social media, and defended a young aspiring chef who was turned down from a college cooking course due to his height.

Louis Makepeace, the 18 year old with big dreams has a form of dwarfism, standing at 3ft 10ins. He applied for a cooking course, but turned down because he was ‘too short’ and that he could be a ‘health and safety risk’ to others.  The college also told him that there was no point in taking the course, because ‘he would never be allowed to work in a restaurant anyway”.

They couldn’t have been more wrong…

Ramsay blasted the college for their inappropriate and unfair attitude and act of discrimination towards this boy, and said that he ‘would offer him an apprenticeship any day’.  Although on TV Ramsay seems to be rather intimidating, it seems as though he really does a big heart, especially for those that share his passion.

Louis is a major fan of his work, and hopes that Ramsay is serious about his offer.  Either way though, just getting his support was everything for Louis.