Greta Thunberg: An Inspiration for the New Generation

Young people often feel a sense of despair at how powerless they seemingly are to make a change in the world. In a world that is felt to be run by the corporate elite and uncaring politicians, what role can new generations possibly play? Various youth activists have taken the stage globally to answer this question, not by words alone, but with action as well. More recognizable among them is Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist popular for her bold admonishment of world leaders over their inability to contribute substantially to mitigating climate change.

Greta Thunberg’s activism started in 2018 when, after successfully convincing her parents to reduce their carbon footprint, she started spending her Fridays outside the Swedish Parliament to call for stronger action against climate change. She gained a reputation for the very blunt manner in which she talked to the public and assembly leaders. Other students gained inspiration from her and organized their own protests against the inefficient handling of climate change under the banner of Fridays for Future.


Since then, Thunberg has risen to international fame by attending and addressing the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference and the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit. Her speeches on both occasions were – as expected of her – blunt and emotionally charged. Her “How dare you?” speech openly chastised world leaders for not doing enough and hiding behind their hollow rhetorics. Because of her continued contribution to fighting climate change, she has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize consistently for the past 4 years!

While often a controversial figure due to her bluntness, Thunberg is an inspiration for many. She is proof that – with enough effort and commitment – the youth can make ripples and waves in the world by contributing to the causes they believe in. The new generations can, in fact, make a difference.