Guy Left His Job To Change The World

Adam Braun had it all. He had a great, well paying job on Wall Street, a nice apartment and the chance to travel the world. But happiness is not the same for everyone.

After Adam came across a poor boy in India who didn’t even have a pencil, his entire world was changed.  Adam graduated from an Ivy League college, worked in hedge funds and wore only fancy business suits.  Even with all of this, deep down, he wanted so much more. The life he had was not giving him the kind of real happiness he was craving.

Adam decided to leave everything he knows and traveled to Africa, Vietnam and India.  When he met a begging boy who never attended school, he was completely shocked.  He learned that in fact there are 263 million children who are not given the opportunity to get a proper education.

Adam was determined to do everything he could to change this situation and make life better for those in need. He returned home and founded a company entitled Pencils of Promise, and quit his job.

Adam wrote a book called The Promise Of A Pencil, sharing his inspiring journey of all the challenges he faced along the way.