Habits of Productive People

It does not matter what your job is or what your work day looks like, everyone wants a productivity boost. Mainly because in this day and age, we have set or been imposed upon by unrealistic standards where people aim to be senators and billionaires by the age of 40. Also, in this digital era, we have a lot of distractions available at our fingertips which makes it harder to accomplish a lot of our important tasks and deadlines for the day. Moreover, we chase the euphoric feeling we get after leading a productive day. However, this has presented us with the wrong idea of productivity.

Productivity is not completing a lot of tasks in a minimal time period. In fact, productivity is measured by the importance and the impact of your tasks on your life and health. Productivity stretches beyond simply checking items off of your to-do list. If you want to be productive, you need to develop the habit of doing fewer things/having a smaller to-do list, as that would actually make it achievable and you will only focus on the important tasks instead of wasting precious time on tasks whose completion will have no significant impact. Here are some habits of highly productive people who are successful in their respective fields:

Have a smaller to-do list – simply focus on achieving things that matter.

Take more breaks – your body needs a break, especially when your head begins to hurt or your brain feels numb. This is a signal that your brain has used up most of its glucose and needs to be recharged. Take a walk or have a snack before getting back to work. This is also why you should tackle your most challenging tasks earlier/before lunch, when your brain is fresh.

Keep mornings for yourself – Have breakfast, take a shower, and work out in the mornings instead of allowing your emails and calendar to dictate your day.