Happy National Chocolate Chip Day

Every year, on May 15th, we recognize one of life’s greatest creations – chocolate chips! It’s hard to imagine where we would be without chocolate chips, right?
They were actually founded in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield from Massachusetts. Ruth was curious as to how some chocolate added to her cookies would turn out.  While working at the Toll House Inn, she cut up pieces of semi-sweet Nestle chocolate bars to one of the cookie recipes, and tada, chocolate chips were invented.
The cookies were a major success and Ruth signed an agreement with Nestle to add the new cookie recipe to the chocolate bar’s packaging.  As compensation for the recipe, they gave her a lifetime supply of chocolate. Not bad, not bad at all.
At first Nestle provided a small chopping tool with the chocolate bars, but in 1941 they started to sell the chocolate already in chip or morsel form.  Today, chocolate chips can be used in as many ways as the imagination can take us.
Post your pic with the hashtag #ChocolateChipDay and you’re good to go.