Happy National Common Courtesy Day

Today is National Common Courtesy Day, believe it or not. Who knew that there was a special day for this? We sure didn’t, and in all honesty, we should all be practicing common courtesy in our daily lives, every day. However it never hurts to honor it, take special note of it, and make an extra effort to incorporate it in our behaviors and interactions with others.

Common courtesy can go a long way, a whole lot more than you even think. The difference between opening the door for someone or letting it shut in their face can change a person’s day, maybe even their entire week and their mood.

We don’t know what other people are going through, what else they’ve struggled with throughout the day and maybe that small gesture we can do for them can seriously make or break their attitude, and we can encourage them to want to do the same for others.

So Happy Common Courtesy Day everyone, enjoying celebrating by thinking about your actions before you do them and how you can be the most polite version of yourself. You will surely also appreciate the common courtesy that is given back to you.