He Changed His Life Around After Breaking The Floor…

You may find it hard to believe that the man on the left and the man on the right are the same person. Umar Malik made a serious life change after he broke the shower floor from his weight. He was given a wake up call that he was far off from being healthy, and he also didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin.

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He transformed himself from overweight to a socially active personal trainer. Umar grew up in a family that encouraged eating a lot. Before 2014, he would eat 7,000 calories per day, including 8 eggs every morning and 10 pieces of toast.  When it came to sweets, he never limited himself. By the age of 26, he reached a 6XL.

Umar couldnt even weigh himself as he was too big for the scale to handle. He struggle to find clothing in his size, and he felt uncomfortable around others.  So when the shower floor broke, he also reached his breaking point and decided that he needed to take action.

Ever since, hes been training hard at the gym and has also changed his eating habits, eating small and regulated meals.  Umar explains that what helped him the most is believing and having faith in himself and in his abilities.

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