Health Benefits of Nuts

Apart from tasting good and being easily accessible, nuts are a vital source of nutrients and energy, keeping us well-nourished, full, and energized since the hunter-gatherer days. These winter dry fruits hold exceptional health benefits, like controlling blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy nervous system, boost up recovery by improving the immune system, serve as a prevention against numerous ailments, and increase vitality. This is simply because nuts are a natural and vital source of nutrients, antioxidants, proteins, and good fats, if consumed in their recommended daily intake, as excess of anything is never beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of the 7 most common and accessible dry fruits.

Getty Images / Moment / Javier Zayas Photography

Almonds – also considered to improve brain function and boost memory hence, recommended to students, especially during exam season. The high content of phosphorus also helps maintain oral health, and the high calcium content serves as a shield against bone ailments like arthritis. Next are Cashews – a personal favorite, cashews improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure, alongside boosting cancer-fighting qualities in the immune system. Large content of fatty acids and protein also aid in combating the winter depression and mood swings.

Pistachios are also great for maintaining weight loss, heart, and gut health. Pecans are excellent in relieving PMS symptoms in women, alongside improving bone health. Being rich in antioxidants also aids in cancer prevention. Pine nuts are also incredibly nutritious foods that keep you full for a long time hence, controlling your appetite. It also aids in slowing down the ageing process, lowering the risk of chronic diseases, improving eye health, and a healthy source of energy due to its high magnesium content. Peanuts are another favorite, peanuts play a vital role in the brain function and reproductive health of women. Lastly, walnuts are known to strengthen the heart and slow down the aging process and the illnesses that come with age. Also keeps the thyroid gland balanced.