High-Heeled Crocs

There’s a whole lot of hatred going around towards Crocs. Some things appear to simply be cool to hate, unfortunately.  But truth be told, Crocs are super comfortable and useful, which is all we really need in life.
The latest outrage about Crocs has been over the release of the company’s new ‘high-heeled’ Crocs, which for the record are just as practical and slightly glamorous.
While fashionistas across the globe are going crazy about how ‘terrible’ these new shoes are, the population has proven otherwise. They’ve been selling as though they were free, despite the $55 dollar price.
The new model is known as the ‘Cyprus V Hell’ and it’s not the first time Crocs has introduced a high heeled version of their classic sandal.  They once teamed up with Balenciaga to create $850 designer shoes.
Well, these ones are a whole lot more affordable, and it seems as though there’s no middle ground. Either you love them, or you hate them.