High School Hires ‘Director of Love and Hospitality’

Meet Mike, the four-month-old puppy who has officially been hired as the Director of Love and Hospitality at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

This adorable puppy has a big responsibility on his hands… er, paws.  He is in charge of helping all the teenage students how to care for others, take responsibility, and most of all, how to give and receive love. But, puppy Mike is willing and eager to take on the challenge. Adding Mike to the high school community has had a tremendous affect on the high school students so far. They get to play and socialize with Mike in the hallways, and Mike provides lots of gracious smiles and snuggles when needed.

Mike is also helping students with special needs. He joins them during the day to assist in learning activities, and his presence helps the students open up and learn how to care for others.

It seems like all the students at St. Michael seem to agree: Mike provides an unique sense of comfort, optimism, and happiness for all members of the Catholic high school.