Hilarious Names Kids Gave To Everyday Things

Kids say the darndest things. Parents already know this, and now the whole internet knows this, thanks to the benefits of social media. We’ve all seen parents tweet out the funny and weird things their kids do on a daily basis. Just recently, parents tweeted out the hilarious new names that their kids gave to everyday things, and the tweets truly speak for themselves.


You’re A Wizard, Daddy


this little kid might not realize it, but they just came up with the most brilliant compliment ever. There is truly no better way to comment on your dad’s graying hair than to call it “wizard hair.” Aging is never easy, but it’s certainly better when your kids say funny and sweet things like this.


Saving The Best For Last


Aww. This little boy calling dessert his “bonus round” truly makes our day. Of course, we all love to eat a nice piece of cake or a scoop of ice cream after dinner. It’s basically everyone’s favorite part of the meal. However, while most of us just take our dessert for granted, this little boy is truly grateful for it.


Interesting Insight


Wow. We’re not sure how we would react if our child said this, but this little girl is clearly wise beyond her years. Sometimes, kids say things that are so profound and thoughtful that it blows our minds and we’re not always sure what to respond. At the end of the day, you’ve gotta love kids and their pure honesty.