Hilarious Parents Who Win At Selfies

The selfie is a staple in our society. From Snapchat filters to Instagram famous, some selfie kings and queens need their parents to check their ego from time to time. After all, your parents will always go out of their way to keep you humble. And with selfies, it’s the perfect way for your parents to poke fun at you. Here are some hilarious parents who are taking savage selfies to mock their kids in the best way ever.


Bow Down



Everyone knows that dads can be, to sum it up nicely, embarrassing. This one dad saw his young teenage daughter taking selfies, just like any other normal teen her age. So he decided to go ahead and poke some fun at her.


Dad Nose Best



Can you imagine in your dad relentlessly mocked your every selfie pic? Well, that is exactly what 48-year-old Burr Martin does to his daughter Cassie Martin. What’s even more hilarious? Martin has more followers on Instagram than his daughter!


Duck Face



Be honest: who is working this look the best? This dad is winning at fathering! Don’t feel too bad for Cassie Martin, though. Yes, she has to deal with the relentless mocking photos from her dad, but she also gained some internet notoriety because of him.


Tongue Tied



Cassie’s dad really gets into recreating his daughter’s pictures. He even has gone as far as fully replicating Cassie’s various tattoos. He has really dove into this whole selfie game.


Dog Dad



Don’t get it wrong, it isn’t only his daughter he targets for some prime mockery. He also replicates other young kids on Instagram or Facebook who take hilariously millennial-type photos.


Gray Girls




We have to give this hilarious dad some credit. He is really brilliant! Maybe he will inspire more dads to get involved in their children’s lives and create a better relationship with them. Or just annoy them. Either way, happy selfie-ing!