Hilarious Things That Happened On An Airplane

While international travel is still not what it used to be, a lot of people have been sharing their experiences from working in the industry. To help make it seem more reachable, we’ve combed through some of the best and funniest stories and picked out a few that just have to be shared with you. So fasten your seatbelts, open your window blinds all the way, close your tray tables, and make sure your seat is in the fully upright position, and here we go.

On a trans-pacific flight, there was a passenger that had been occupying a toilet for an unreasonably long time. Passengers and flight attendants alike knocked on the door politely in order to check that everything was alright with the passenger. After many futile attempts and efforts were made to try and communicate with the passenger, the captain eventually had to order for the door to be unlocked. The door unlocks, and out strolls the passenger in a pink skin-tight bodysuit, wearing headphones. He claimed to be a YouTuber and had spent the time there filming himself.

Getty Images / Moment / George Pachantouris

One flight attendant tells the story of a fully grown elf in his 60s or 80s boarding the plane. Pretty drunk, he presented his boarding pass as if everything was normal. Apart from the strange looks he was getting from fellow passengers, there was nothing wrong with the situation and he wasn’t being offensive in any way. The staff couldn’t ask him to leave because he wasn’t doing anything wrong, but they did refuse to serve him any more alcohol. Keeping their cool, and holding in the laughter, the attendant recalls the stark contrast in comparison to other passengers, especially since it was October and not even remotely close to Christmas.

And finally, a passenger that got extremely unlucky. She managed to knock down a security guard at the airport. After causing the metal detectors to beep as she passed through them, she once again managed to catch a security guard in the face as she whipped her arms up ready to be searched, causing her to be taken down. From passengers to airport workers to the flight crew, we’re all looking forward to more stories to tell.