Hilarious Zoom Photobombs

Cara Fields and her husband, similar to many others across the globe, have been working from home in the past few weeks in order to socially distance from others.  On top of the struggle of working from home, this American couple is also helping their children as much as they can to tackle the new reality of digital schooling, something that many others can relate to as well.  Right now, for Cara and her family, the work-life balance that they once had has now turned into one, with not much of a separation between the two. 

Cara, who is the Marketing Chief of Staff at an animal health company surely doesn’t have it easy, which is exactly why her incredible and creative husband has decided to provide both Cara and her co-workers with some serious humor throughout the work from home day.  Here and there, when Cara is on a Zoom meeting for work, her husband somehow always finds a hilarious way to make his way into the background and make everyone laugh hysterically. The silly costumes surely contribute to the laughter too that’s enjoyed in the dining room table office. 

Cara shared the epic pictures of her husband’s shenanigans on LinkedIn, and they unsurprisingly went viral instantly.  Her husband was at first just wearing things they had around the house, but as he became more of a sensation, he started to take things to the next level and get more serious about his costume, with some friends even mailing him their Halloween costumes!  Both Cara’s LinkedIn connections as well as her co-workers absolutely love this new addition to their work from home routine and seriously appreciate having something so strange and unexpected happen during an official meeting.  What Cara’s husband has done has helped so many people stay positive and laughing even during these strange and uncertain times.  How are you spreading joy these days?