When American movies get sent abroad, it’s not always so easy for foreign countries to fully understand the cultural context. They often struggle to have the movie fit into their specific consumer market and translators often come up with a very literal meaning. Well, all we can do is have a good laugh and appreciate these completely epic titles that are sometimes even better than the originals.


American Pie


The title isn’t supposed to give the whole plot away! We could have watched it and figured out. China, why did you have to be so literal?



Puss In Boots


Israeli movie title translators figured that since this Puss in Boots is in fact that cat of Shrek, our beloved green Ogar, that this title would work. Well, it’s partially true.





Germany clearly had too much fun while translating the title of Dodgeball for its own audience. Or did they?



Knocked Up



China seems to be completely killing it when it comes to terribly translated movie titles. Well done guys!