History of Tiramisu

Tiramisu has been one of the favorite European desserts loved by people from all over the world. Many people loved the dessert not only because of its rich and decadent flavor but also because it was able to incorporate so many different flavors and textures. You can always add in your favorite flavors or even completely alter the dessert by converting it into a cake.

The dessert is made through a rich combination of mascarpone and cream cheese. This rich combination allows the dessert to be much denser yet richer. The Italians are known for their excellent recipe skill that allows them to be at the top of the food game. The word “Tiramisu” really means “pick me up” which perfectly describes how irresistible this dessert is. You can always pair it with a cup of coffee. The distinguishing feature of tiramisu is how it is known to incorporate the flavor of coffee into it. Tiramisu was invented as a means of fulfilling the energy power so it is known to be extremely fattening. The ingredients included into the dessert include eggs, butter, vanilla, mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, cream and coffee. This was the perfect way to activate the workers to work as it provided them with ample energy.

Tiramisu contains an important element that adds to its flavor which includes ladyfingers. These ladyfingers are soaked in a coffee emulsion and are placed between the layers of cream and coffee. Ladyfingers are known to absorb the coffee content really well and give it the perfect level of taste. The coffee is known to elevate the sweetness level and balance the bitterness with the perfect level of coffee flavor. You can also make a vegan-friendly, eggless tiramisu which is again an excellent alternative to the recipe.