Homeless Girl Scouts

The adorable young girls of Troop 6000 are just like any other Girl Scouts squad, asking people to buy cookies while wearing patch-covered vests. The only difference though, is that these girls are homeless.

Troop 6000 began in 2016 with the goal of providing a shelter system for homeless girls in New York City.  It’s an incredible and unique project that allows girls to benefit from all the advantages of the Girl Scouts program and feel more empowered.

Research has proven that Girl Scout alumnae have stronger senses of self, reach higher levels of educations and are also more likely to have a higher socio-economic status later on.

This year was the first time the troop took part in the cookie fundraiser, setting up a shop at Kellog’s NYC Cafe.  Their initial goal was to sell 6,000 boxes of cookies within six days, however they completely surpassed all expectations, selling over 32, 500 cookies.

In addition to the cookies bought from the girls, customers also donated a total of $15,000 to the troop.  Proceeds and donations go towards funding various service and learning projects for the homeless girls.

Truly amazing things can happen when a community comes together to help those in need.

GettyImages/The WashingtonPost/TheWashingtonPost