How Chinese Women Have Such Gorgeous Hair

We often envy Chinese women for their perfect skin and shiny, healthy hair. Well, we are here to share with you the secret so you no longer have to envy them, but can have it too yourself.
The secret behind their incredibly healthy and gorgeous hair begin in the Chinese village of Huangluo, which was actually given the nickname The Long Hair Village.  Most women in this village have has a long as 1.4 meters.  So what is their incredible secret? Fermented rice water, believe it or not. 
Chinese women have used the special water they cook their rice in to wash their hair since ancient times.  Their shiny, long hair is considered to be their most prized possession and represents wealth, good fortune, prosperity and longevity.
Wondering how to make it yourself at home? It’s very simple. Rinse a cup of rice to make sure it’s clean, then put the rice in a bowl filled with water for about 15 minutes, stir it every few minutes, then strain the water in a container.  Leave the water at room temperature and leave it for a day or two until it begins to ferment.
Then boil the water, let it cool and wash your hair with it as though it’s shampoo. Studies have shown that the rice water contains antioxidants, vitamin E and minerals which all help improve the elasticity of the hair.  It also contains amino acid which helps strengthen the roots of the hair.